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PDG - Peck Drilling Gcode creator generates a drilling cycle program. The PDG app is written in javascript and runs locally in your browser. Single and Multiple holes are supported. The output program uses standard gCodes. In theory it should work on any CNC milling type machine that uses standard gCodes. I've used it on my Xcarve.

You enter the drilling parameters such as drill diameter, hole depth, peck depth, start height, retract height, Inch/Metric etc. From the entered parameters the peck drilling cycle is created. The gCode program file can then be saved as a download to your computer.

(The program is actually run locally on your computer, but download is the mechanism used to save the gcode to a file.)

If you are drilling through thin material, there is an option to do single pass hole drilling.

PDG app has been tested with:
G.Chrome 62.0 Firefox 57.01 Opera 49.0 Seamonkey 2.49.1 OSX Safari 11.01
(fwiw also works in G.Chrome on iphone/pad)
(IE - not so much)

There are two flavors of PDG. dxfPDG and ezpzPDG.


dxfPDG reads the hole locations from a 2D DXF file. The locations are processed and the gCode generated. Besides the benefits and speed of
drilling vs. milling a hole, dxfPGD should especially useful for projects
with a large number of holes. Such as cribbage boards, vacuum fixtures, wasteboards, PCB's etc.


Use ezpzPDG when you need just a few holes and already know the hole locations. ezpzPDG lets you enter up to 10 XY pair hole co-ordinates to process.

(More locations could be added by running ezpzPDG twice. Saving as two different files. Then cut and paste to append one program to the bottom of the other.)

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